When you are going to get higher education what Criteria you should check? Do not fall in fraud Because a certificate can be a barrier in your career growth.

Inaugural Ceremony of Bashiundhara Snacks By Honorable Chairman, Vice Chairma in 2017
BFBIL Achieved HACCP Food Safety Certification of BFBIL from BV under Supervision of Khandker Rajon

Being a private University student Khandker Rajon became DGM of Bashundhara Group report to Honourable Vicechairman Shafiat Sobhan Sanbir at the age of 32 and 11 Years experience in multiple food processing sectors.

Mumbai Givaudan Visit with Vice-Chairman Shafiat Sobhan Bashundhara Group, Sector-A

He successfully established the business of Instant Noodles, Stick Noodles, Pasta, Maccaroni, Crackers, Chips, Ready To Eat Ruti, Spices, Under DFBIL & BMFPL within 3 years of joining 2016 and before that in 2015 he joined as Consultant and work directly with Sr. Adviser AR Rashidi. Also He has Done feasibility of Sugar, Salt, Poultry, Liquid Milk, Powder Milk projects.

Canada Visit for Flour Based Products full chain training purposes

Regarding this he has trained in Canada, China, India a Lots or Province to source Safe and best quality raw materials, machinery, accessories. since 2009 to til today he visited Sweden Denmark, Italy, Vatican for various works & Learning.

Khandker Rajon briefing to reporter about next five years industrial growth opportunities
Kamal Uddin Trade Commissioner , High Commission of Canada, Khandker Rajon in SOE Seminar at BAPA Exhibition Nov2022

You Can’t Change Your Certificate!
Think Positive, Act Positive, Do positive. You cannot Change your Certificate, Can’t Change Universities, Teacher Is a Employee he can Left and change Job but you can’t do anything. Some Private Universities are not maintaining Quality Education.

They have no Quality Teacher,
Some Universities providing Certificate without attendance.
During Covid there is no session gap in pvt Universities. So Quality Education hampered there.
FEAB examine many Institutions’s students quality & Knowledge by written exam report is very sad.
Some are doing personal Business by the Name of University.
So it’s time to receive quality Education for your own future. Before get admitted to a institute be 100% assure about their teachers quality, Acceptance to job Markets, International recognitions
Written by Engr. Khandker Rajon-Secretary General FEAB Foundation, CEO USA Incorporated Co. Ex. DGM Bashundhara Group

Khandker Rajon’s Profile https://feabfoundation.org/index.php/profile-khandker/

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