We find that attendees from a range of expertise and farmers gave several important proposals over the course of the two-day conference. Along with our initial demands and recommendations, we are declaring a set of demands to the state.


• It’s crucial to support climate resilient and agroecological approaches and defend family farmers in order to protect the small and marginal farmers.

Ensuring the legislation on the right to food for all in Bangladesh and other Asian and Pacific countries

• We want agricultural services and support (subsidy) that are justified to small and marginal farmers as well as for large farms.

• We demand that the state take the initiative to strengthen people-centered agrifood systems in order to create sustainable and equitable systems, rather than corporate-led agrifood systems.

• We call for ensuring right to food and nutrition for the most marginalized members of society after analyzing the social protection program.

• We call for accessible, affordable community-based digital technology as well as a platform in place to scale up digitalization in agriculture.

• We call for robust monitoring and assessment procedures in social protection programs to enhance accountability and transparency in the provision of services and to provide service receivers with a clear path toward graduation

• To strengthen multistakeholderism, we highly advise forming partnerships with smallholder family farmers, fishermen, CSOs, farmers’ organizations, youth, women, academia, researchers, and policymakers in order to raise the voice of small holders and other stakeholders

• It is highly recommended to provide training to the small and marginal farmers on agroecological tools and techniques as well as digital literacy

• We call for a separate act and regulation for the farmers/producers organization as a vehicle of operating a system to assure their participation in all stages of the agriculture value chain and fair price of their products

FEAB Secretary General with a member of 7members participate the Conference 02 days full.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for attending this conference. Also, we look forward to collaborating with you in the future to promote agroecology, small-scale family farming, and food sovereignty in order to realize everyone’s right to food and nutrition in Asia and the Pacific while following the principles of leaving no one behind.

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