15 Year’s Celebration & Reunion of Food Engineering and Technology Department of State University Held On 3rd April At Permanent Campus of State University, Kanchon. For Online Registration Please Visite… https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyXhbDIjc91j_MfJg-Yc9r-LXtkO0FESE7ofKoIDfbegXkVQ/viewform Amount of Participants :(Alumni) – 1000 Taka [Between 20-03-2020 (Guest) – 1000 Taka(RunningStudents) – 800 Taka [Between 10.03.2020] ForRead More →

Products list for Dairy Products Workshop 1. Cream separation process 2. Butter manufacturing 3.Cheese Processing Technique 4. Butter oil processing 5.Ghee Manufacturing process description 6. Sweet or Sour Curd preparation 7. Ice-cream processing with Commercial RecipeRead More →