Huge Business (Food Processing) opportunity in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. The RMG sector already developed. Most of the country’s revenue is earning from RMG sector. Now Food & Beverage sector is growing very vastly in this territory. There is a huge business opportunity for Food, Beverage, Dairy, Ice-Cream, Frozen foods, Biscuits & Bakery in Bangladesh. Too many multinational Brands are exporting and marketing food, beverage, dairy products in Bangladeshi markets. After observing their sales many companies decided to extend their business by establishing own factory or by contract manufacturing. The main cause of establishing the business is the manpower and land cost is very cheap in Bangladesh, so many of the world’s brand manufacturing their product in Bangladesh and export to rest of the world from here.

An overview of the different sector is given below which is surveyed by KR Food Engineering & Consultancy the unique consultancy firm in Bangladesh who are working with Bashundhara Group, Unimech Food, Akij Food & Beverage, New Olympia Biscuits Factory, Ittefaq Group and many other industries in Bangladesh.

Dairy: Last three months survey it is found that only in dairy sector Bangladesh can fulfill 15-20% of milk powder demands. Every month average 10000 ton of SMP and FCMP are importing from Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Ireland, Lithuania, Malaysia,  Turkey, India, Czech Republic. In the year 2010-2011, this quantity was only 5000 Ton per month. This milk powder is used for a household purpose, Recombined Liquid milk, Curd, sweetmeat manufacturing, Biscuits, Candy, Confectionery, chocolate products manufacturing industry and etc.

Beverage: Beverage has a huge demand in Bangladesh, Leading beverage company in Bangladesh is Akij Food & Beverage, Transcom Beverage, International Beverage Private Ltd, Globe Soft Drinks, AST Beverage, Pran, Partex Food & Beverage etc. also there is huge gap market in this sector. It is also a profitable business in Bangladesh.

Biscuits & Bakery: Day by day demand for bakery products is increasing. Due to healthy effect consumer can believe in this products. Many variety products are available of different brands. Last five years a dramatic development has observed in this sector. The leading Biscuits and cookies manufacturing Industries are Olympic Bread & Biscuits, Haque Brothers, Kishwan, Alltime, Globe Biscuits, Bengal Biscuits, Gold Mark, Ifad Food & Beverage, Dekko Foods, Ispahani Foods, Starline Foods, Thai Food, Quantum Corporation, Badhonn Biscuits, Bonoful, Nabisco, Fu-wang Foods, Masafi Bread & Biscuits, Parle-G, and Novelty. Monthly turnover revenue is about 300 Core BDT only in the branded company.

Ice-Cream: one of the common familiar products is Ice-cream. Most of the children, man-women like this product.  Excluding winter the demand of Ice-cream is huge. After beverage people like Ice-cream. The leading Ice-cream Company is Abdul Monem (Market share 50%), Dhaka Ice-cream, Kazi Foods, Golden Harvest, Sanwara Corporation, Taufika Foods, Sena Kalyan Sangstha. Yearly turnover of this sector is about BDT 1000-1100 core. The newly established company is Kazi Foods, Golden Harvest, Taufika Foods. Many more local brands are available who are doing their business in an urban area.

Already too many companies established their own factory in Bangladesh and some others doing contract manufacturing here and thinking to establish manufacturing unit here. DANO, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Perfetti van Melle, Parle-G, Dan Foods, DANONE, GlaxoSmithKline(Horlicks), New Zealand Dairy, Fonterra, CP Foods has a direct operation in Bangladesh.

Also, too many world-class brands are thinking to run business in Bangladesh. The CEO of KR Food Engineering & Consultancy Mr. Khandker Raqibul Islam informed us that too many brands are frequently contacting with them and their networks to know the opportunity of Bangladeshi Market. Already many company’s representatives visited Bangladesh market and collect the samples of available products of world-class brands and local premium Brands.

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