Food Safety in Bangladesh by Khandker Raqibul Islam: Part-1

ISO, HACCP, Food Safety Expert & Trainer, Auditor

Now a day’s FOOD SAFETY has become a most important issue for safe food for the all over the world feedings. Not only processed food sector but also restaurants, in homemade food preparations, food sells, food distributions, food storage, everywhere where food is taken. Safe foods can lead safe lives. Without safe food we cannot think a healthy, wealthy and fertile life. Worldwide now the slogan is safe food for present and next generation. So to build a safe generation safe food is must. We cannot think a safe life for a moment without safe food.

In Bangladesh presently food safety awareness is rising up because of different types of food borne illness has broken out. Dishonest business man making money by adulteration of food materials, fruit, vegetables, fish, etc. They are using Formalin to preserve and extend shelf life of vegetables, milk, fish & meat and using carbide to ripen fruit; hydrogen peroxide to preserve milk. This is the present situation of the daily needs products.

Also processed food products are adulterated and contaminated by different types of hazards (chemical, physical, microbiological) like non food grade colors, non food grade flavors, different metals & stones, microorganisms, toxins etc. This kind of contamination happens due to lacking of food safety awareness, idleness about personal hygiene & safety, physical unfitness (sickness, affected by diseases like dysentery, diahorrea, cholera, caught by cold, fever etc), improper cleaning & sanitation of the plant and the equipments, location of the process industries, constructional structure like building, wall, floor, shed, ventilation system, door, windows, entrance, lighting, false ceiling.

Also storage conditions both raw material and finished goods storage condition s is also has a great affect in contamination of food products. Due to improper temperature, humidity, lighting, air contamination and flow of insects, rodents, flies, ants etc.

At the last stage during distribution and serving food products are contaminated seriously and consumers affected by contamination causing serious food poisoning, also results to death. Modern technology enriched d food products manufacturers are aware about food safety and proper distribution and supply chain.

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