Any Food Products Development Free of Cost with FEAB FOUNDATION


World Big Big Product Development Houses are working with LGCS Laboratory Services. Who want to build their career in Product Development and Research & Development are invited to LGCS Lab.
Products Category: are listed following

  1. Water Juice Beverages Drinks Energy Drinks
  2. Milk and dairy products-Curd Cheese butter
  3. Bakery: Breads Cakes Biscuits Toast Bun
  4. Chocolate Candy Confectionery products
  5. Fruits Vegetables Drying projects
  6. Snacks Chips Crackers Fried Items
  7. Frozen Foods Meat Processing
  8. Spices Manufacturing & Seasoning application.
  9. Ice-cream, lolly, Sweetmeats, Desserts
  10. Instant powder Drinks

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